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Restore your brightness

Many people will notice that their teeth gradually change colour as they age. If good oral hygiene is not maintained, the natural dental whiteness can become dull, and take on hints of yellow or light brown. At The Dental Surgery Burnham, teeth whitening is a speedy and simple treatment that removes this discolouration, giving you a bright smile that enhances your appearance, and can boost your self-confidence.


Most people know that the teeth can be stained by smoking cigarettes. But certain drinks can also leave their mark on your teeth’s enamel surface: coffee, red wine, antibiotics, fluoride exposure, and fizzy pop can all cause brown or yellow patches to spread across your smile. At our friendly dental practice in Burnham, teeth whitening will remove these unsightly marks. Teeth whitening is delivered using the Enlighten system.

A simple process

At the initial consultation, you’ll discuss your oral health with the dentist, who will take a detailed dental impression using up-to-date techniques. You will then be given a plastic tray, precisely moulded to fit perfectly over your teeth. You wear this tray, together with a special whitening gel, at home while you sleep. The gel’s active ingredients are gently transferred onto the tooth enamel over the two weeks of treatment, breaking down the stains to reveal the natural whiteness underneath.

Once you’ve completed this stage of your teeth whitening in Burnham, you’ll return to our practice for the final 40-minute finishing procedure.


After this simple treatment, you’ll have a mouth that feels fresh and a smile that’s bright and tidy. You’ll notice the improvements when you look at photos of nights out, or when you check your face in the mirror before leaving the house. You will no doubt find that you are smiling more often and feeling happier. That’s because smiling releases serotonin, the natural feel-good chemical.

A new start

At our practice in Burnham, teeth whitening has been carried out by our dental team for over 30 years. We know how to provide a reliable dental improvement, tailored to

the needs of our patients. Contact us today, to get started on your treatment.

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