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Neater, cleaner, healthier teeth

Many people have teeth that are not perfectly aligned. This could be because of genetic factors, dental habits, or injuries. At The Dental Surgery Burnham, braces are available that will improve your oral health by optimising the position of your teeth. By using modern methods and up-to-date dental appliances, discomfort is kept to a minimum, while the change happens as quickly as possible.

Clear benefits

To get you started, we’ll discuss what you want for your teeth. You might have dental crowding, a misaligned bite, or teeth that are a bit more wonky than you’d like. Whatever your situation, once your teeth are tidied up, your oral health will be improved. Straighter teeth function more effectively, and so put less strain on the jaw. They are easier to keep clean, because there are fewer tricky spaces in which food debris and plaque can hide.

Discreet improvements

Many adults are choosing to have this treatment because modern braces are discreet. They can be tooth-coloured, attached to the back of the teeth, or even moulded from clear plastic. The complexity of your dental needs will determine which appliance is the right one for you, and your dentist will make a precise treatment plan before you begin, so that you know exactly when it will end. In some cases, this can be as little as six months. But in others, it may take 18 months or even longer. Guiding the teeth into healthier positions does take some time, because the braces apply gentle pressure. But whatever method ends up being the best for you, your braces in Burnham will stay discreet. The eye-catching wire-and-bracket appliances, stuck to the front of the teeth, are no longer the only option.

Lasting benefits

After the braces are removed, it’s usually necessary to wear a retainer while you sleep, to help the teeth stay in their new positions. But once it’s all over, your oral health will be much improved. Getting braces in Burnham is a long-term investment in your dental health, a positive change that will keep rewarding you long after the braces have come off.

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