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Improve your dental hygiene with braces in Burnham

There are many reasons for crooked or misaligned bites, from having habits that affect the natural position of our teeth to genetics making your teeth naturally grow out of alignment. Luckily, there are many treatments available to you to remedy these problems.

Having straight and white teeth doesn’t just come with cosmetic benefits. Put simply, straight teeth are easier to keep clean. There are lots of benefits of reducing the gaps between your natural teeth.

There are more teeth straightening options available to you than ever, with advances in materials and the cost of previously expensive materials decreasing. These factors make these treatments more accessible and more widely available.

Tried and tested braces in Burnham

The most tried and tested type of braces in Burnham are traditional dental braces. These are the familiar metal wire braces that gently move your teeth over time to a more desirable position. This type of treatment can be used to correct more severe cases and takes between one and five years to be complete.

These types of braces are most commonly used to correct younger people’s teeth, but can be used to help all ages. As with most treatments, these braces come with downsides that you may need to consider before committing to the braces. For instance, as your teeth are adjusted, some pain or discomfort may be experienced.

Alternative treatment to traditional braces

We understand that not everyone may like the idea of traditional braces. In Burnham, we provide other treatments that could be more suitable for your needs. For more minor adjustments, a removable appliance may be more suitable. Here at the surgery we can offer Invisalign treatment. This treatment involves a series of plastic trays molded to your teeth that gradually change in shape, shifting your teeth with gentle pressure.

This treatment is advantageous because the plastic trays can be removed, making them easier to clean and maintain. They also aren’t a problem when eating because they can simply be taken out before meal time. Here at the dental surgery Burnham, we aim to have you enjoying the benefits of a straight, beautiful smile as quickly as possible and with little interruption.

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