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Lift your smile

If you are looking for a way to lift your smile without causing any irreversible changes to your teeth, then you will probably be interested in tooth whitening in Burnham at The Dental Surgery Burnham.

Tooth whitening is the world’s most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, and for good reason. It is a sure-fire way to make your smile more attractive, but it won’t break the bank or lead you to make changes to your teeth that you can never come back from.

In fact, we find that at our practice in Burnham, tooth whitening is proving to be a very popular way to add the icing to the cake of tooth straightening treatments such as Invisalign clear aligners and Six Month Smiles discreet bracket and wire braces. These 2 popular systems are changing the smiles of Burnham’s adults, while allowing them to continue with their daily lives and not incur a constant stream of personal questions. Both are discreet systems.

Tooth whitening makes a great finish for when your teeth are finally where they should be and you have been through months of patient waiting as your teeth make their way to their aligned destination. Whiter teeth allow their new alignment to be seen at its very best.

How does it work?

In Burnham, tooth whitening is a 2-part process. We use the Enlighten tooth whitening system. This is the only tooth whitening system that will give you a B1 – the brightest shade of white – smile. It starts with you using gel-filled trays slipped over your teeth and worn every night for 2 weeks. When you have done your part, you come in to see us for the second step in the process. We will give your teeth a thorough clean. Next, we cover them in a more concentrated whitening gel. This power whitening session takes about 40 minutes to complete. You then leave us with a gleaming smile showcasing a set of beautifully straight and beautifully white teeth.

Our friendly team would love to show you how we can give you a brighter smile, so why not call us for an appointment to discuss your treatment options?

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