Discover the benefits of tooth whitening in Burnham

The colour of our teeth is determined by our lifestyle, our age, as well as by our genetics. As we get older, our teeth naturally become darker. Certain lifestyle choices can also cause teeth to become yellow and stained over time. Smoking, drinking tea, coffee or red wine as well as eating highly-pigmented foods can all contribute to discolouration.


At The Dental Surgery Burnham in Burnham, tooth whitening is a very personal affair tailored to the needs and requirements of our patients. We have been practicing tooth whitening for more than 39 years, providing quality dental care to many patients. We appreciate that professional tooth whitening may take time, that’s why we constantly trust new products and techniques to ensure the best result for our patients. We use the Enlighten System, a professional tooth whitening treatment that guarantees a pearly white smile.


Tooth whitening by Enlighten


If you follow your dentist’s guidelines, your teeth will whiten beyond your expectations with the Enlighten system. Enlighten bleaching works by gradually increasing the tooth’s ability to absorb oxygen which helps break down stain molecules and other pigments found on your teeth. Enlighten bleaching is effective because it combines home tooth whitening with an intensive one-hour treatment in the dental chair.


Before the treatment, your dentist will carefully examine your gums and lips for any sensitivity. If your teeth are too sensitive, we can provide you with a specialised gel designed to minimise any discomfort. Generally, Enlighten tooth whitening will not harm your mouth in any way, since the bleaching materials in it have been used in dentistry for more than 100 years.


Enlighten is completely safe for your dental restorations, although you many need to replace them for a better colour match after the treatment.


How long does it last?


Results can last for many years as long as you take good care of your teeth and wear the trays for one night every other month.


Brighten your smile


If you would like any further information about Enlighten tooth whitening in Burnham or to book a consultation, please contact us today. You can also take advantage of our other cosmetic treatments, such as Invisalign, and opt for a multi-layered treatment plan.

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