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We all want to look our best in photos and in real life. Since your smile is one of the first things people notice, teeth whitening in Burnham is a great way to improve your appearance. Brighter, whiter teeth can do so much to enhance your smile, as well as build your confidence.

For more than 39 years, The Dental Surgery Burnham has been providing quality dental care. We don’t just take care of your general dental health but also provide a range of cosmetic dental treatments, including teeth whitening.

Enlighten teeth whitening

We only ever use reliable methods for our teeth whitening procedures, which is why we use the Enlighten system for all our patients. Enlighten’s professional teeth whitening in Burnham is the only system in the world that will whiten up to 16 shades easily and safely, giving you a dramatic change to your look.

The system uses a whitening gel that won’t harm your gums. Other major professional whitening systems use much higher concentration gels and therefore need to place a barrier on your gums and lips to protect them from being burnt.

With Enlighten, there is absolutely no need for any gum protection. Our dentists trust this system because not only does it deliver predictable results, but they find it safer and easier to use than other whitening systems.

How does it work?

You will need to first have some impressions taken by our dentists. These impressions will be sent to the laboratory, who will then create your custom-made whitening trays. This will take around 2 weeks. During this time, we recommend you use the Enlighten toothpaste twice a day instead of your normal toothpaste. This toothpaste contains a material which is a major component of your natural tooth enamel. This will improve the whitening effect and reduce sensitivity for your teeth whitening in Burnham.

When you collect your trays, you will then need to whiten your teeth at home every night for 2 weeks. Finally, you will come into our practice for a 40 minute treatment. This final treatment will not only boost the colour of your teeth, but will ensure your teeth whitening in Burnham is even and natural looking.

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