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A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear: professional teeth whitening in Burnham

An important job interview is coming up and your smile has to be at its brightest. Or maybe you are planning ahead for the photographs at your graduation. Whatever the reason, teeth whitening is not just for the movie stars.

Healthy teeth and a bright smile are features widely associated with an attractive appearance, however teeth may become stained for many reasons, some of which are beyond our control. At The Dental Surgery Burnham, teeth whitening is achieved with the Enlighten treatment, which can lighten your teeth by up to 16 shades.

Causes of yellow teeth

Bad oral hygiene is one of the main causes of discoloured teeth, but even the most dedicated brushers and flossers can develop yellowing or grey teeth for a number of reasons.Teeth generally turn yellow or darken due to staining of the outer layer of white enamel.Smoking, caffeine, dark-coloured foods and drinks, spices, certain medications and alcohol are common causes of staining.

Tooth colour, like many other physical characteristics, is different for each individual, and some people may be more prone to yellow teeth than others.At the same time, ageing is associated with yellow teeth, while men are more likely to have yellow teeth than women for unclear reasons.

Enlighten teeth whitening in Burnham

The Enlighten teeth whitening system uses high-quality bleaching agents, which are entirely safe for the gums. The active ingredient in Enlighten penetrates the dental enamel and breaks down stains with a chemical reaction. The innovative system combines in-house teeth whitening with a follow-up treatment at home to seal the results.

Our dentist will take impressions of your teeth in order to arrange your custom-made gel whitening trays. You will then have to wear the trays every night for two weeks at home. After two weeks, you will be ready for the final laser treatment in our Burnham clinic.

Enlighten teeth whitening in Burnham can last for six months, depending on your lifestyle and eating habits. During the treatment, you are advised not to drink red wine or black coffee or eat any highly-pigmented foods.

Call into the surgery today and start your journey towards a brighter smile.

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