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Say goodbye to your crooked smile

If you’re a parent who’s child has had their teeth straightened, you will know the benefits of wearing braces in Burnham. And if you missed out on having your teeth straightened as a child, you may believe that you will have to put up with crooked teeth for life. Thankfully this is no longer true, as teeth can be straightened at any age as long as your overall dental health is good. You may well be put off by the thought of having to wear the unsightly train track style braces that your children had but you may be pleasantly surprised to learn how discreet many modern orthodontic treatments are.

All they will see is your smile

East Buckinghamshire residents may already be familiar with The Dental Surgery Burnham, a well established and trusted practice in the area. We have been caring for our patients’ oral health since 1977. Here at our practice in Burnham, braces are an ever more popular treatment for over 18s and we offer dental braces for adults using two different treatments: Six Month Smiles and Invisalign.

Both are extremely discreet and you may be surprised at how many people that you meet are wearing them. Both methods offer different benefits and your particular tooth straightening needs will dictate which method is suitable for you. Both systems have different benefits; Six Month Smiles is a fixed system which uses tooth-coloured wires and brackets and works on the front teeth only. The Invisalign method is a removable system which allows you to decide if you want to take the aligner out if you’re involved in a sporting activity or going out for the evening.

Take the first step, come and talk to us about straighter teeth

We believe that everyone deserves a smile that they can be proud of so if you feel that you really want to make the best of your teeth, come for an appointment at our practice here in Burnham. Braces are one of the ways that you can maintain your oral health in the long term, by ensuring that your teeth are well aligned. This reduces the likelihood of a number of oral health problems in the future.

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