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Straighter teeth, faster, with braces in Burnham

We all want to know that when we smile we are brightening someone’s day, not causing them to gaze in consternation at a jumble of crowded, crooked, or misaligned teeth.

When we are talking and smiling, the teeth that people tend to see the most of are the front six on the upper and lower jaw. The four incisors and two canine teeth on each jaw are collectively known as the ‘social six’, and it is these dozen teeth that, in terms of aesthetics anyway, cause us the most angst.

The good news is that these teeth can also be the simplest to correct and arrange into the straight lines we wish they’d grown into in the first place. At the Dental Surgery Burnham, we offer two systems of braces that can help fix your social sixes, and fix them fast.

Take a look at Six Month Smiles braces in Burnham. This system of fixed braces is probably the best-known short-term cosmetic braces system in the world. Fixed braces are known for their effectiveness, but what usually takes the time with these braces is that they adjust the bite by moving the molars at the back of the mouth, and these move much more slowly. Six Month Smiles braces in Burnham are still fixed to the teeth, but they focus only on moving the front six teeth, which move faster than the back ones. Also, the wires are made of tooth-coloured nickel titanium, and the brackets that fix them to the teeth are made of tooth-coloured ceramic. So not only are these braces in Burnham fast workers (typically between four and eight months), but they are much less noticeable than the traditional metal train-track braces. These braces in Burnham are also reported by wearers as being more comfortable to wear because the forces needed to move the front teeth only are so much less than for the back teeth.

Six Month Smiles braces in Burnham are not suitable for correcting major orthodontic issues, so you will need to come to us here at The Dental Surgery to make sure you are an appropriate candidate for this system of treatment. Contact us on 01628 664614 for a free initial consultation.

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