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Is the end nigh for red wine drinkers?

Do you enjoy a glass of red wine? (or two) is it showing in your teeth, turning them a nice purple colour? Fear not, teeth whitening in Burnham is the answer. According to winespectator.com regular wine drinkers often have stained teeth, due to the high amount of pigment contained in the wine. Some grapes used to make red wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Petit Sirah have more pigment than others, hence tend to stain your tongue more. In addition, the PH of your saliva affects wine staining too; if you’ve eaten recently, or had a drink of water, your teeth and tongue will be less purple than if you hadn’t. Fascinating stuff eh? Burnham teeth whitening can remove these stains and reverse the effects of numerous glasses (or bottles) of wine.

White teeth for red wine lovers? Surely not!?

You read correctly my fellow wine consumers! The Dental Surgery Burnham holds the answer to such first world problems, with teeth whitening in Burnham. The clinic offers a teeth whitening procedure called the Enlighten system. After an initial patient assessment, the patient will apply a whitening gel to a mouth tray each night for two weeks. Once the self whitening two-week process is over, the patient returns to the practice and receives a thorough teeth cleaning and a forty minute intensive gel application. It’s that simple! Teeth whitening in Burnham can whiten your teeth up to 16 shades lighter, depending on eating, drinking and smoking habits, the results can last up to 6 months. Burnham teeth whitening is completely safe. In fact the whitening treatment can help by preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Sometimes patients may need more than just tooth whitening to be confident with their smile, The Dental Surgery Burnham offers a Six Month Smiles treatment which straightens teeth using tooth coloured braces for discreetness. Once the 6 months arecomplete the patient will then have any small repairs made to their teeth, and a final whitening procedure will totally transform their smile.

Get teeth whitening in Burnham and ensure that the only remaining effect of red wine, is a hangover.

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