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Can I get braces in Burnham?

The answer is yes! There are so many braces solution available at our practice, The Dental Surgery Burnham. Since 1977 we have offered a range of dental services to patients locally including the latest orthodontic treatments and straight teeth solutions.

The first thing to do is come see us at the Dental Surgery Burnham. Braces are considered by some people to be a big life decision. Our experienced team can discuss your options with you as well as recommend a solution that fits around you, your lifestyle and your smile goals, so that you can move forwards with confidence, having all the facts in hand.

Who can get braces in Burnham?

At the Dental Surgery Burnham, Braces are not just for children and teenagers. Many adults also opt to have a course of treatment for straighter teeth. Anybody who is interested in braces should come and visit the practice where we will give you a warm welcome. We also listen carefully to you and your needs and expectations, so that we can get to know each other from the very start. Our reception team will be able to give you a range of information about the braces that we offer at our practice.

Many adults also believe that braces mean traditional wire-track braces. The truth is that there are a diverse number of options available to anybody considering undertaking orthodontic treatment today.

As well as clear aligners (braces that are made of a clear material which can be removed for eating and cleaning) there are also lingual braces. Lingual braces are wire braces that are hidden by being placed on the inside of the teeth rather than on the outside. The braces are bonded to the teeth in exactly the same way as normal wire braces; however, even friends and family may not notice that the braces are there. That is the main benefit of having lingual braces.

There are also still traditional braces, but even this option can be given a modern twist. The brackets, the part of the brace that is placed directly onto the front of the teeth, can now be made out of a tooth-coloured material, further disguising your braces.

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