Braces with no metal – the secret way to straighten teeth

If the thought of wearing metal braces is putting you off straightening your teeth, why not get in touch with The Dental Surgery Burnham to discuss some subtler alternatives? Thanks to advances in modern orthodontics, tooth straightening no longer needs to involve an obvious metal appliance, and in some cases doesn’t have to mean wearing fixed braces at all.


At our Burnham dental clinic we appreciate the need for fast and effective treatment to be coupled with discretion when it comes to adult orthodontics. Whilst metal braces remain popular with both children and teenagers, who often view them as a rite of passage and enjoy being able to customise them with coloured elastics, it’s not hard to see why such an obvious appliance is considered incompatible with modern adult life.


Burnham braces and aligners


We use both subtle fixed braces and clear, removable aligners to straighten adults’ teeth at our Burnham dental surgery. When you come in for a tooth straightening consultation your cosmetic dentist will carry out a thorough examination in order to determine the best course of treatment.


Your Burnham dentist may offer. . .


Six Month Smiles


Six Month Smiles are a very popular system of cosmetic braces, which focus specifically on the front six teeth (the so-called “social six”) in the upper or lower jaw. At our Burnham dental practice we have found that is often these teeth adults are primarily concerned about, because these are the teeth that make up your smile.


Not designed for major correction of issues affecting the bite, these tooth-coloured braces work in an average of six months – with some milder cases at our Burnham clinic being complete in just half that time. What’s more, with clear ceramic brackets and tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires, they are next to invisible in everyday life.




An alternative to fixed braces, treatment with Invisalign involves the use of a series of clear, removable aligners, which gradually move your teeth to a better place. You change your aligner every fortnight as your teeth being to move, and you don’t need any special dental hygiene techniques because you simply remove the aligners to clean.

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