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Tooth whitening – the perfect solution to common stains

Tooth whitening treatment is the perfect way to quickly boost your smile, ideal if you want a rapid and effective smile makeover before a special occasion. The Dental Surgery Burnham offers whitening using the Enlighten combination tooth whitening system.

Enlighten is one of the most trusted and popular tooth whitening brands in the world. The Dental Surgery Burnham has been offering high-quality care to residents from Burnham and beyond for nigh-on 40 years and has, in that time, attained a strong reputation for excellent treatment. That is a winning combination when it comes to efficient tooth whitening.

The Enlighten combination tooth whitening system involves collaboration between yourself and your dentist. Your journey towards whiter teeth will begin with a cosmetic dentistry consultation here at our Burnham clinic. Your cosmetic dentist will assess the nature of your tooth staining to check that whitening is the best option.

It will probably come as something of a surprise to learn that the most common cause of stained teeth is visible dental plaque, with some 66% of UK adults suffering from visible plaque. This is a serious issue: plaque doesn’t just cause unsightly yellow or brown stains on the teeth, it is also a risk to your health, because it can lead to dental decay and gum disease – two leading causes of tooth loss.

If you staining is caused by plaque, a visit to the hygienist may be all that is needed to brighten your smile (and to prevent the same problem recurring). However, if you have stains caused by dietary or lifestyle factors (think coffee, red wine, or cigarettes) tooth whitening is an effective way to get rid of these stains.

You will start by carrying out treatment yourself at home, using custom-made tooth whitening trays and whitening gel. After two weeks you will come back to our Burnham clinic for an appointment with your dentist.

After first performing a thorough professional tooth clean, your Burnham cosmetic dentist will apply a concentrated version of the tooth whitening gel for 40 minutes. Subject to lifestyle factors, the results of this treatment could last for six months.

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