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Cosmetic braces: the subtler option for straightening adult teeth

Cosmetic braces enable a dentist to straighten your teeth subtly and quickly. At The Dental Surgery Burnham we use the popular Six Month Smiles cosmetic brace system, which is designed for mild to moderate correction of issues affecting the front teeth – in an average time of just half a year.

When adults contact our Burnham dental practice for teeth straightening treatment, the majority of them are concerned about issues that affect the teeth in their smile line – sometimes referred to as the “social six” teeth. Cosmetic braces such as Six Month Smiles are ideal for this type of correction, and can be used to treat issues including crowded, twisted, misaligned or gappy teeth.

If you require more extensive tooth movement but don’t want to wear metal braces, we also offer treatment with Invisalign clear aligners at our Burnham dental practice. Unlike traditional metal appliance, which use brackets and wires and are attached to your teeth for the duration of treatment, Invisalign comprises a series of clear, removable aligners that fit tightly but comfortably over the teeth to move them into a better position.

Treatment times with Invisalign vary, dependent on both the type and amount of correction that is needed. However, unlike fixed braces there is no need to adopt any additional dental hygiene techniques during treatment, because you can take your aligner out to brush your teeth and to clean. You can also pop them out for short periods to eat and drink, and because they are invisible to the untrained eye they will have minimal impact on your lifestyle. You change your aligner every two weeks as your teeth move.

Finding the best teeth straightening solution

When you come to The Dental Surgery Burnham for an orthodontic consultation, your dentist will conduct a thorough clinical examination to determine the best type of treatment.

With Six Month Smiles, your tooth-coloured cosmetic braces will be fitted to your teeth and you will need to come into our Burnham clinic every four-five weeks to check your treatment progress and adjust your brace as necessary.

In the case of Invisalign, you will need periodic checks during treatment.

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