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Tooth whitening treatment: the perfect summer smile booster

Tooth whitening can be the perfect way to boost your smile in time for your summer holidays. At The Dental Surgery Burnham we use the popular Enlighten tooth whitening system, which is the only system to guarantee a B1 shade of whiteness when treatment is complete – the lightest shade available in the UK.

If you are interested in tooth whitening treatment, why not call in to our Burnham dental practice for a consultation?

Why we need tooth whitening treatment

Everybody wants a beautiful set of pearly white teeth, but as with anything else a bright, white smile requires work.

There are numerous causes of tooth discolouration. Poor dental hygiene is one; if you don’t visit your dentist and hygienist regularly, and you have an inadequate home care routine, plaque and tartar are going to build up on your teeth, causing brown discolouration.

Regular professional cleaning by your hygienist is an effective way to get rid of plaque and tartar discolouration. The hygienist can also teach you how to improve your oral home care.

Even if you do have good dental hygiene practices, dietary factors (such as coffee or red wine) can cause surface stains on the teeth, as can lifestyle factors such as smoking. Sometime, medicines and medicated mouth washes can stain the teeth as a side effect. This is where tooth whitening comes into play.

Tooth whitening treatment involves the use of gentle dental bleaching gel to remove common stains such as those mentioned above from the teeth. The Enlighten system we use at The Dental Surgery Burnham is a combination whitening system. This means that part of the treatment takes place at home, and part of it in the surgery.

Whitening treatment should always be prescribed by a dentist, so you will need to come into our Burnham practice for a consultation prior to starting treatment.

Your practitioner will fit your with custom-made whitening trays and provide you with gel to use at home for a fortnight. At the end of this two week period you will come back to our Burnham clinic for a professional tooth clean and a 40-minute application of more concentrated gel.

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