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Why braces no longer need to mean a mouth full of metal

If you think braces mean obvious fixed metal appliances, it’s time to think again. At The Dental Surgery Burnham we offer a range of more discreet routes to straighter teeth, designed for adults with busy professional lives, as well as in some cases for self-conscious teenagers who want an alternative to standard metal braces.

Discreet orthodontics is a rapidly growing area, driven by the increasing desire in adult patients for teeth straightening treatment, without having to wear obvious metal braces for months or even years on end. What these discreet devices do is to take the traditional principles of orthodontic treatment then modernise them to create devices fit for the 21st Century.

At our Burnham dental practice we believe that you are never too old to straighten your teeth. Whilst many of these devices are colloquially referred to as “cosmetic braces” the health benefits of teeth straightening treatment should not be ignored. In general terms, straighter teeth are healthier teeth because there are fewer gaps in which food particles can get trapped and plaque bacteria can build up. That means, with a good home care routine and regular visits to your dentist and hygienist, teeth straightening treatment can reduce your risk of developing both gum disease and tooth decay.

Discreet braces and aligners in Burnham

If you are interested in a subtler method of teeth straightening, you should book an orthodontic consultation at our Burnham dental practice. Your dentist will perform an in-depth clinical examination to determine the best course of treatment to suit your needs.

The subtle teeth straightening options at our Burnham clinic are:

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are discreet braces designed for minor to moderate correction of issues affecting the front teeth. They have an average treatment time of just half a year and work so quickly because their primary focus is on the teeth that show when you smile. These appliances comprise clear and tooth-coloured components.


Sometimes called “invisible braces” Invisalign is in fact a series of clear, removable aligners that fit over your teeth to adjust their position. Invisalign aligners are all-but invisible to the untrained eye.

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