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As well as regular visits to the dentist, regular appointments with the dental hygienist are vitally important to keeping your mouth healthy. At The Dental Surgery Burnham, our skilled team of hygienists and oral health educators, working under our dentists’ direction, provide a full range of oral healthcare services, helping to keep your teeth wonderfully clean and helping to prevent problems such as gum disease, bad breath, and tooth decay.

When most people think of the hygienist, they think of a scale and polish. This is a vital part of the hygienist’s role, and involves professionally cleaning your teeth using a range of specialist equipment and pastes.

Even those of us with a good home healthcare routine benefit from a scale and polish every six months. There are often areas of the mouth that are difficult to clean properly at home, and this is where plaque bacteria and tartar can build up, leading to problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. Your hygienist will be able to reach all of these areas to remove all traces of plaque, leaving you with a super-clean feeling.

Patients who wear orthodontic devices such as braces, who have restorations such as dental bridges or who have replaced teeth with dental implants all need specialist hygiene advice and cleaning, and your hygienist will be able to provide this. In some cases you may need to visit us more frequently than every six months; you should always follow your dentist or hygienist’s advice regarding number of appointments.

A scale and polish from the hygienist can also remove much of the surface staining that builds up on the teeth from drinks such as tea or coffee, leaving them much brighter without the need for teeth whitening treatment.

As well as professional tooth-cleaning, your hygienist can also provide bespoke advice for patients of all ages on how to get the best out of their home cleaning routine, including which products are best for their individual needs. They can also discuss how diet and habits such as smoking affect your teeth, and offer guidance on lifestyle changes that will benefit your smile.

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