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Tooth whitening in Burnham: your treatment options explored

Tooth whitening is an effective way to remove even deep-seated stains from your teeth. At The Dental Surgery Burnham we are proud to use the Enlighten whitening system. This is the only teeth whitening product that guarantees a B1 shade of whiteness – the lightest shade available in the UK, giving you a beautiful Hollywood smile.

Why we need tooth whitening

Stained teeth can have a seriously negative impact on your self-esteem, making you too shy to smile in public, which can cause people to misinterpret you. Our teeth are easily stained, with surface stains caused by lifestyle factors such as smoking, as well as by drinks including tea, coffee, cola, and red wine.

Deeper staining can be caused by conditions such as fluorosis, as well as as a side effect of some medications. Tooth whitening from a cosmetic dentist is a clinically proven, effective and safe way to get rid of these stains and leave you with a brighter smile.

Tooth whitening options in Burnham

Enlighten is a combination tooth whitening product, which involves home whitening followed by a final session here at our Burnham practice with a cosmetic dentist. We have evaluated many whitening systems and have found time and again that this is the most effective way to lighten the colour of your teeth.

After a consultation with a dentist here at our Burnham clinic, you will be fitted with custom-made tooth whitening trays. These fit comfortably over your teeth and ensure that the Enlighten whitening gel is delivered to exactly the right place.

You should wear these trays, containing a little whitening gel, overnight for two weeks. Then you should return to our Burnhamdental practice, remembering to bring your trays with you to your appointment. Your dentist will apply a more concentrated form of the whitening gel for a final brightness boost.

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