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Teeth whitening treatment options

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments around. At The Dental Surgery in Burnham, our cosmetic team offer a number of different options for patients interested in whitening treatment. Factors to take into consideration include the severity and type of staining.

Most people dream of brighter, whiter teeth. There are a number of causes of tooth staining, from dietary factors (drinks such as red wine, tea, or coffee all cause surface staining), lifestyle choices such as smoking, and some medical conditions. Natural mineralisation and fluorosis both lead to deeper staining of the teeth.

Teeth whitening treatment, when carried out by a dental professional, is a safe, effective and reliable way to get rid of even deep-seated stains. It can be the perfect way to enjoy a mini smile makeover, boosting the appearance of your smile in time for a special occasion such as a wedding or family gathering.

If you are interested in teeth whitening treatment, we invite you to join us at our Burnham practice for a consultation.

A lot of surface staining can often be removed by a dental hygienist. Using specialist equipment and pastes, they are able to remove a great deal of everyday staining. Deeper staining such as that called by fluorosis requires teeth whitening treatment, however.

How teeth whitening works

Teeth whitening uses special dental bleaching gel to remove even deep stains from the teeth, safely and gently. At our Burnham dental practice we are proud to only use Enlighten whitening products. Enlighten is the only system that guarantees a B1 shade of whiteness – the lightest shade available in the UK – and involves a combination of home whitening with a final session here at the practice.

Enlighten also includes desensitising toothpaste and swabs, to minimise the chances of any sensitivity developing during treatment.

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