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Tooth Whitening

Our teeth become stained for a variety of reasons. Drinks including red wine, coffee and tea can cause surface stains, whilst diseases such as fluorosis, natural mineralisation, and certain medicines including the antibiotic Tetracycline can cause deeper staining.

Whatever the reasons, many people report that stained and discoloured teeth affect their self-confidence. At The Dental Surgery Burnham, we are pleased to offer teeth whitening treatment, which when carried out by a dentist is a safe, reliable and fast way to lighten the colour of your teeth and remove these everyday stains, leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile.

It’s important that you consult a dentist if you are interested in teeth whitening treatment. Whilst there are many products available on the internet and on the high street that claim to whiten teeth, these should always be avoided. In the best-case scenario, they simply won’t work, and you will have wasted both time and money. In the worst-case scenario, unlicensed products can actually damage your teeth, gums and mouth, and lead to an increase in sensitivity.

Products used in dental surgeries are subject to rigorous testing, and are proven to be both safe and efficient. It is unlikely products bought from the internet or the highs street will have undergone such extensive testing, so you can never be sure what you are putting in your mouth. Teeth whitening should also only be carried out on healthy teeth, to help avoid sensitivity if the whitening gel comes into contact with the softer dentine at the centre of a tooth. Your dentist can spot any problems such as cavities and treat these before starting whitening.

At The Dental Surgery Burnham we use home teeth whitening kits. Our chosen brand is Enlighten, which is the only whitening system to guarantee a B1 shade of whiteness.

You will still need to come into the practice for a check-up and to be fitted with teeth whitening trays. All you need to do is place a small amount of whitening gel in the trays and wear them overnight for about two weeks. At your final appointment we will apply a more concentrated form of gel to your teeth here in the practice, leaving you with a dazzling smile you will want to show off.

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