We understand, here at the Dental Surgery Burnham, that it can be an alarming and worrying experience to lose a tooth. Perhaps your teeth have slowly deteriorated over time so that you have lost multiple teeth? We’re here to help! At the Dental Surgery Burnham we offer...

Here, at the Dental Surgery Burnham, we understand that losing teeth can be a very alarming experience, causing pain and discomfort and decreased confidence. That’s where we can help! At the Dental Surgery Burnham we offer modern solutions to missing teeth in Burnham....

If you have lost some teeth and would dearly love to have them replaced with dental implants, but baulk at the cost, how about asking friends and family to contribute to your dental implant fund rather than buy yet more stuff you don’t really need for Christmas?

What be...

Gaps in your teeth are alright if you are starring as the Artful Dodger or Bill Sykes in your local am-dram production of Oliver! but if you are not a 19th century Dickens slum character, but a decent sort from Burnham, then gaps are not going to help your look.


It can be tempting to just ignore the gap created when you had a tooth knocked out or it failed for some reason, but leaving gaps can destabilise the neighbouring teeth, which can tilt and tip into the empty space.

Far better that you come to us at The Dental Surgery Bu...

If you have spent the past few years putting up with an increasingly dodgy smile, then why not make 2018 the year of the smile. An attitude of New Year New Smile in Burnham could have knock on effects that you had no idea could be so great.

When our smiles start lose th...

Losing your teeth can have a serious impact on your appearance and quality of life. You may find that you have to restrict yourself to soft foods and that the smile you see in the mirror is not the one you remember. Gaps look unsightly, but missing teeth also lead to s...

It’s nice to be able to bite into food and chew it without worrying whether the teeth will be able to do their jobs. When teeth are lost, the resulting gaps in the mouth feel funny, and removable replacements never quite recapture the stability and functionality of the...

Nowadays people have quite a choice when it comes to find solutions to missing teeth. It’s not like 20 years ago, when all there was to choose from was dentures or bridges. These two solutions remain, but at the Dental Surgery Burnham, in Burnham, they have been joined...

Losing teeth is an expensive business. While people might choose to ignore replacing the odd lost tooth, lose more than one or two and it gets progressively harder to chew, bite, and look respectable. Then comes a choice: what kind of replacement teeth to invest in. If...

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