You may think that giving your teeth a good clean twice a day is enough, but every now and again they need a deep clean and polish.

Think of your mouth as a cooker. No doubt you wipe over the rings after every meal or if you see a spill. But would you go for more than a...

It takes a team of people to keep your teeth in great condition. Some of that team is right here at The Dental Surgery Burnham in Burnham, but the most important team member is you, at home.

You look after your teeth every day, and you also make sure to get to your bi-a...

When most people think about ways to improve their smiles, they worry mostly about the front 6-8 teeth. These are known as the social 6 because they are the teeth that are most on show when we smile and talk.

But what about when we laugh or yawn? Then the teeth most on...

Isn’t that what we all want our fillings to be? And now it is possible to get fillings that look like natural teeth before they became lost to decay, and that last really well too.

White fillings have been around for decades now. When they were first available, they wer...

Are your teeth collecting stains that your diligent brushing routine can no longer get rid of? Have you tried having a deep clean with the hygienist here at The Dental Surgery Burnham in Burnham, and all to no avail?

If that’s the case, then it sounds like it’s time to...

Now that we are emerging from the darkest days of winter, it’s time to look around and see what could do with a clean-up in preparation for spring and summer. It’s amazing how natural daylight can show up dirt and discolouration that is not so noticeable under electric...

Having straighter teeth not only makes you look great, it is also better for your oral health. Even only mildly misaligned teeth are harder to keep clean because they have crevices between them and their neighbouring teeth that can be hard to really get at with a tooth...

It’s easy to keep putting off some jobs, especially if they are going to go on for a while and perhaps be a bit of an inconvenience. It can be hard to hold the vision of how great it will be when you are living in the results of your hard work rather than still going t...

It’s amazing how much a great smile can do for your self-confidence. Having teeth that are well aligned, in good condition and a great colour not only takes away all that self-consciousness you’d got so used to living with, it allows you to be more spontaneous in your...

New Year is the traditional time for new beginnings and the turning over of new leaves. Have you started to think about what the new you is going to be like in 2019?

In 2019, instead of renewing that gym membership you only used for the first 3 weeks of 2018, why not sp...

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