We understand, here at the Dental Surgery Burnham, that it can be an alarming and worrying experience to lose a tooth. Perhaps your teeth have slowly deteriorated over time so that you have lost multiple teeth? We’re here to help! At the Dental Surgery Burnham we offer...

Here, at the Dental Surgery Burnham, we understand that losing teeth can be a very alarming experience, causing pain and discomfort and decreased confidence. That’s where we can help! At the Dental Surgery Burnham we offer modern solutions to missing teeth in Burnham....

September 6, 2019

Preventive dentistry is the practice of using treatments in order to reduce the amount of future dental problems. Often the cause of decay is simply that the teeth have been left untreated for a long time and have been neglected by a dental hygiene routine. Therefore,...

September 4, 2019

General dentistry is perhaps the most important part of dentistry, as it is at the forefront of your oral health. Dental Surgery Burnham takes great pride in all forms of dentistry and wants to ensure that you have the best possible treatment. We also believe in buildi...

In today's society, dentistry has moved far beyond being a simple check-up every 6 months with a filling here and there.

Many people are becoming aware of cosmetic dentistry options and are seeking out treatments to improve their smile and boost their confidence. As den...

Has your dentist told you that you need braces?

Many patients cringe at the thought of having to wear braces, with images of large, metal ones attached to the front of the teeth. Therefore, many adults and even teenagers choose to avoid undergoing dental realignments an...

You have a wedding to go to next year and you are the bride who is none too happy with her crooked teeth! What can you do?  First of all, don’t panic, there are plenty of solutions for wonky or overlapping teeth that can be straightened out in this time frame.  At...

It could well be!  If you have crooked or overlapping teeth, this really could be the solution.  However, you have to be in good general health and if you have extreme dental issues such as a very large overbite, more bespoke procedures may be better for you. The major...

You know how a great new dress or a new shirt can lift your whole look if it’s the right size, shape and colour that just suits you perfectly? Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same with your teeth?

It’s not unusual to have one or two teeth that leave something t...

Say the word ‘crown’ to a dentist and they won’t imagine beautiful gold, jewel-encrusted headwear for queens and kings. They will see pearly white jewels adorning the inside of their patients’ mouths. Some will be the real deal, made by Mother Nature. Others will be in...

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